Happy Birthday, Wireshark!

15 years ago, Wireshark was “born”, so happy birthday!

Take a look at the official Wireshark Blog for Gerald’s post. And watch Gerald’s keynote he did at Sharkfest 2013. And, of course, the funny video about how it was all Karen’s idea – which Gerald, at the time it was shown at Sharkfest, had no idea about (the video, I mean) 🙂

After that, go to the Sharkfest Retrospective page, and take a look at all the presentations that were held this year. Chris Greer also posted a lot of videos that were recorded at Sharkfest on his YouTube channel.There is even a recording of my Trace File Sanitization talk now, which I am probably never going to watch because it feels too weird to hear myself present 😉

So have fun, and lets see what the next 15 years of Wireshark and Ether, E, and Al will bring.

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